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Jangalma is your one stop shop for schools looking to help their students learn through ICT. We combine rich education content with sophisticated software, affordable hardware and reliable infrastructure to provide a world class digital learning experience.

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Sturdy Design

A robust and reliable platform with a simple design

Rich Content

Access thousands of educational content such as Apps, Videos Textbooks and Simulations


Education focused: restrict all inappropriate and distracting content!


Affordable solutions with flexible payment plans that cater to all budgets.


Jangal Tablet

An affordable android based tablet that connects you to all our educational resources with restrictions enabled for secondary school students

InSIST Learning Management System

Regardless of your academic institution, our powerful learning management will simply transform your school.


Managing your school admin and finance has never been easier with the InSIST ERP for schools.


Our InSIST Edu-NET project in delivering high speed broadband to schools at a speeds of up to 6 Mbits/s

Web Portal

Our integrated web portal allows students and parents to access academic information while providing a collaborative platform with teachers


We take time to find the best content on the web so you can simply focus on learning

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InSIST Global Limited
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